Nutrition is a complex topic no matter the species. There is an entire career dedicated to understanding Human Nutrition, so there’s no denying that it is a complex topic to grasp.

Cat nutrition thankfully doesn’t have to be that complex, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to what we give our cats to eat. Food provides all the nutrients we use to live, so it’s the most important habit in any life. As such as owners we should do our best to make sure our cats have a quality diet, instead of just making sure they are full. A proper diet means a better life, and healthier pets mean happier owners. So let’s get started and tackle this topic right now.

Nutritional needs vary by breed

While it would make our lives much easier the truth is that there isn’t a perfect diet for all cats. Each breed of dog has its own nutritional needs based on its expected physical activity levels, size, and unique biology. So a food that is perfect for poodles can be terrible for a Doberman.

The first thing we need to understand is that each breed is its own world, and we should research them individually. If you are looking to buy a beagle it’s time to read specifically on what beagles need, and not a general cat nutritional guide. Likewise, get ready to adapt the portions a bit based on the size of your dog. We all are humans, but kids and adults don’t eat the same amounts, right? The same idea applies to dogs, so if you have a pet that is particularly small for its breed you shouldn’t overfeed it.

There’s nothing wrong with dry food

Nowadays dry cat food has gained something of a weird reputation amongst owners, We understand that dry pellets might not look very appealing to us, but the fact is that dry food is the safest best to feed your dog.

Despite appearances, there’s a lot of thought to the ingredients in dry food. Have you noticed that most dry food bags specially mention breeds or sizes? This is no accident, and it comes back to what we discussed above. Different cats have different nutritional needs, and dry food makes sure to target these needs. So a bag of dry food for puppies and one for adult retrievers have completely different nutritional values inside.

Of course not all dry food is made the same, but this doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with dry food per se. If you want your pet to be as healthy as possible you should feed it dry food, but you need to pick the right kind. Always make sure to buy food that is made for the particular breed or size of your cat. And compare ingredients and brands at home. Not all foods are made the same way, so you must find out which ones have the best ingredients.