That special guy is fast approaching 40 and you still don’t know what to get him that would make him feel special.

When he’s at work, of course, he would wear his coat, shirt and tie. He dons a facade that’s professional when he’s facing customers and his colleagues.

But you know he’s a teenager when it comes to his passions. You estimate his age stops at 16 years old when he’s off work by 5 pm and during weekends.

He would kick out of his work clothes once he’s home, or he might pack up some comfortable clothes in his car.

Once he emerges from his cave, your man is someone different – more relaxed and childlike. Easy to lead to laughter and his true best self.

Why? He is in his element because he’s wearing a T-shirt and jeans, his comfy uniform after 5 pm and during weekends.

The best Birthday gifts are actually those that bring out the personality of your beloved male. Most men haven’t outgrown their teens – their favorite superheroes, their comfort attire with psychedelic colors and quirky quotes and their most listened to rock band of their yesteryears are all imprinted in their T-shirts.

They’ve got lots of clothes in their wardrobe, but it seems this comfy T-shirts always the get the most attention when he sees them. He grabs them right away and puts them on.

That’s why it’s nice and special to gift them with a T-shirt subscription service. They get one or two special shirts every month according to the theme that they are passionate about. Some men wants it random because they want to be surprised with what they’ll get. Some of them wants to specify what they get for each and every month.

And it won’t cost you, the gift giver, so much to give this special gift. Around $10 to $20 per month, depending on the theme. Even lesser than a smart phone subscription. And it brings a big smile to your special man every time he receives a package.

A T-Shirt Subscription service is one of the best 40th birthday gifts for men. What are his favorite colors? What are the jokes that make him laugh?Who are his favorite cartoon characters and super heroes? They are the stuff that make a great T-Shirt subscription service bring out the youth in your 40 year old guy!