When Should You Consider Spinal Surgery?

Back pain is one of the most complained illnesses by many people in the world today. Some blame it on lack of exercise while some suffer from it due to accidents or other medical conditions. While some traditional ways of dealing with back pain are recommended, there are cases where spinal surgery may be the best option. But before opting for this alternative, patients must weigh their options as well as the risks involved. Here are reasons why you might want to get spinal surgery if other conventional treatment options do not work.

Are your nerves getting damaged?

One of the reasons why you might want to get spinal surgery done is because of nerve issues. If the pain in your back its caused by conditions like spinal stenosis which put pressure on the nerves, you might want to rectify this through surgery. Specialists like spine.md have successfully performed such procedures on patients complaining of debilitating pain. Surgical procedures include the likes of laminectomy and XLIF.

Rectify an unstable spine

When the spine is not in its natural position, it cannot offer optimum support to the rest of the body. Muscles, discs, bones and even ligaments rely on the spine for support. And where this is absent, some essential functions cannot be performed. This is where surgery comes in handy to rectify the issue and improve optimal body functioning. If you suffer from an extreme spinal injury, specialist surgeons such as the team at Spinal MD can prepare you for one of the surgical options that could help you restore your spine to its healthy and natural form.

What next?

Do you have severe back pain and wondering whether spinal surgery is an option for you? Knowing the type of surgery you need is also important. Going to specialist spinal surgeons will help you get the correct diagnosis and treatment as opposed to working with an experienced surgeon. Not all back pains need treatment through spinal surgery.

Before opting for surgery, your spinal doctor will recommend a range of options to rectify the problem. This may range from exercises for the back, to psychotherapy and pan receivers. There are also ways of preventing further damage to your spine, for example, through stretching and strengthening techniques. Finding the right regimen for your back can save you money in terms of treatment or expensive spinal surgery. Work with your spinal doctor on the options you have and only get surgery done if it s unavoidable.…