Benefits of Regenerative Medicine Therapies

Regenerative medicine includes PRP therapy or platelet-rich-plasma therapy and stem cell therapy wherein the natural healing agents of the body are being removed and concentrated so that growth of new tissues will be supported and the site of the injury will be healed. Stem cell therapy is an alternative medicine form used to stimulate tissue growth, relieve pain, and accelerate healing. If you are suffering from having degenerative disc disease, chronic pain from arthritis, and an acute injury happening in your torn tendon, having regenerative medicine is the best procedure to experience relief from these pains. These are some of the benefits of regenerative medicine:

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Regenerative therapy is a big help to reduce the inflammation in your body especially when there are pains in your tissues. This medicine is recommended in treating chronic pain conditions and autoimmune diseases like osteoarthritis, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, joint pain, lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and sports injuries. There are no side effects in PRP and stem cell therapies other than experiencing the minor discomfort of the injections.

Accelerated Healing

If you suffer from having a degenerative disease like an acute injury such as torn tendon or broken bone or arthritis, PRP treatment and stem cells can fasten the healing process. Using these regenerative medicine therapies will repair spinal discs that are degenerated, regrow and repair fractured bones, regrow and repair your ligaments and tendons, and regrow your cartilage. Your doctor will inject the stem cell or PRP directly in the affected area of damage or injury to accelerate pain healing.

Healthier Bones and Tissues

Traditional reactive medicine will only heal the damage, in regenerative treatment, it will enhance the health of the bone and tissues. By suffusing your skin, tendons, bones, and muscles by having concentrated platelets and new cells, these medicines will help your body parts to grow stronger. These can also enrich the entire health of your skeletal system.

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