What College Consultants Can Do To Help You?

College counseling’s job is to help students enter college. Simple as. However, a great college consultant goes beyond the academic field. Investing in the best sources of college advice can be the extra advantage you need to come out victorious in such a competitive environment. Besides, it’s all worth it as you seek the life of your dreams in the future.

Here are five ways in which college admission consultants give you a hand.

Reduce the admission process stress

Complying with the requirements to go to your dream college can be very stressful. There are deadlines, paperwork, interviews, and more. For that reason, the best counselors help relieve any stress or fear that students could feel by efficiently, and smoothly guiding them through the admission process.

Filter the most suitable colleges for the students

Many college choices may look good at first glance, but it’s due to the consultant to find the best among the good. In order to achieve so, a college consultant will advise students on several topics including:

  • Campus culture
  • Academic goals
  • Financial aid
  • Extracurricular activities

There are hundreds of choices available, and students may not be aware of plenty of them. Nevertheless, only a real expert can do a so extensive research and provide the best results. College counseling is the way for students to find their ideal university alternative to continue their education path.

Help students win the selection process

Applicant pools are competitive. Therefore, students need a thoroughly high-quality application to support their grades and SAT scores in order to be selected. Fortunately, college consultants know the insights of the applications that universities are looking for.

College counseling can help you in one or more of the following ways:

  • Avoid overdone essay topics
  • Explain an unusual low grade to the committee
  • Get the most out of letters of recommendation and extracurricular activities

Guide students into their most adequate career path

It’s perfectly normal that students are unsure about what career to follow in college. Many students have a talent for some subjects while being passionate about others. As a result, they feel suitable in a handful of potential careers.

In those situations, a college consultant can be of great help. A counselor can advise students to pick the career with the most potential for their future, or sometimes encourage them to follow a career in which they have been unable to identify their talents.

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How To Find A Top Pediatric ENT Specialist in NYC

It’s a well-known fact that infants and children are particularly prone to ear, nose, and throat (ENT) problems that can affect them throughout their childhood. These ENT problems include ear infections, breathing issues, airway disorders, tongue tie, cleft lip/palate, hypernasal speech, tonsil inflammation, sinus, and nose disorders, traumatic injuries’ to the head and neck, and require prompt treatment to avoid potentially serious complications.

If your child or teenager is affected by an ENT issue, it’s paramount to find a top, caring, and trusted specialist in pediatric ENT NYC as soon as possible. This way, your kid can receive the correct diagnosis and the adequate treatment in due time. A good starting point is asking your friends, colleagues and acquaintances if they could recommend a great pediatric ENT ( or otolaryngology) specialist in NYC based on their experiences.

Alternatively, you can search online for the best pediatric ENT doctors in NY and then check out their website for more information such as credentials, experience, kid-friendly location, etc. Be sure to look for certified otolaryngologists. Online reviews written by the patients’ parents can also be a great source of information, helping you narrow down your search. A leading pediatric such as Dr. Dagan at Dagan MD uses the most advanced techniques’ and medical technologies e.g. 3D imaging to thoroughly examine the child’s ear/nose/throat and provide the best treatment.

Keep in mind that time is of the essence especially if your kid suffers from an ear, throat or nose infection, but it’s also important to do some research in order to schedule an appointment with one of the best NYC pediatric ENT specialists. Ear infections are a common ENT problem in children and if not promptly and adequately treated, they tend to worsen over time and even compromise the child’s hearing ( if compromised by 40 decibels or more, special tubes placed in the ears are typically needed).

Sinusitis is another common ENT problems that affects children and, if left untreated, it can cause severe complications such as meningitis, infection of the nasal bone, infection of the tissue surrounding the eye and even brain abscess. Recurrent sinusitis in kids is typically treated with endoscopic sinus surgery.

If you’re looking for a top-rated, highly experienced and caring specialist in pediatric, do not hesitate to get in touch with Dagan MD by phone (212) 585 3242 or via the online contact form if you have any queries or want to make an appointment with certified pediatric ENT specialist Dr. Tal Dagan.…