Advantages of Cremation

Are you pre-planning for your care after death? Or have you lost your loved one and looking for a cheaper, more convenient way to dispose of their remains? If so, then you may want to consider cremation. Cremation is quickly gaining popularity in the US and more and more families are choosing it over traditional burial. People choose cremation due to different reasons, some because it’s cheaper, other because it’s eco-friendly and less stressful. In this article, we have put together a few benefits of cremation to help you make an informed decision.

1. Cremation is More Economical

Today, traditional funerals are becoming quite expensive due to the increasing prices of lands, caskets, and embalming services. Also, it’s becoming very expensive to hold a funeral ceremony especially if family members and relatives live far from each other, Says Leo Clarke from Calimesa Crematorium. Why spend thousands of dollars to hold a funeral ceremony when you can just pay a small amount for a cremation? With cremation, you don’t need a burial plot, a casket, or arranging a funeral service. All you need to do is find an affordable cremation center, pay for cremation, buy a cheap urn, and hold a memorial service if you wish. 

2. Cremation is Eco-friendly

With traditional burial, the body has to be embalmed with chemicals like formalin which is very harsh and poisonous. When you bury an embalmed body, this chemical will definitely find its way to dams, boreholes where we source our drinking water. With cremation, no chemicals are used and the ashes are more eco-friendly to the environment than the embalmed body. 

3. Saves Land

As previously mentioned, you need to purchase a burial plot if you choose traditional burial. If more and more people choose to bury their loved ones, it means the government has to set aside more cemetery space which is a large piece of useless land. Instead, this land could be used for more important functions like farming and building houses. 

4. Peace of Mind

There is nothing more stressful and labor-intensive than arranging a funeral service. You have to find a venue convienient for all your guests, arrange transport for your guests, meals, accomodation, etc. You also need to buy a casket, pay embalming services, hiring a funeral service, etc. This can be overwhelming and a heavy burden for a grieving family. To avoid this, you can choose cremation and finish everything at the crematorium. If you want a memorial service, you can hold it later without rush. 

These are the main benefits of cremation. If you’re looking for a reliable Calimesa crematorium, visit and we will be glad to help you.…