How Long Does It Take To Cook Bone-In Pork Chops In Pressure Cooker

One of America’s most beloved comfort foods is the pork chop. Juicy and flavorful, it can either be the centerpiece of a routine evening meal or take the king’s throne during a special feast. It’s all about how you prepare it.

A pork chop can be stuffed, fried, baked, broiled or barbecued. It can be basted, coated or served alongside apple sauce, rice or mashed potatoes. It actually passes the ultimate taste test since even the pickiest kids usually love it and might even ask for more.

Not so long ago, making a tasty pork chop dinner could take an hour or more depending on how the dish was prepared. However, that has changed forever now that pressure cooker pork chops can be made in less than one-third of that time. Today’s pressure cookers are not the screeching, scary appliances of old, the ones your mother warned you to stay away from at all costs. Modern ones are safe because they have lids that seal and lock while the pressure feature is engaged. Since food is cooked faster and at a lower temperature with the addition of only a small amount of water, both the flavor and the nutrients are locked in. Especially when summer reaches its height, busy cooks appreciate the speed, the coolness and the energy savings that pressure cooking offers. Best of all, cleanup is a breeze. Many pressure cooker meals can be made in just one pot.

Whether it’s a school night or your anniversary, whether the snow is flying or the sun is scorching, tonight would be a great night for pressure cooker pork chops. they are tasty, nutritious and fun to cook. Your kids might even enjoy being part of the process. Give these chops a try. We guarantee that your family will be clamoring for more.